Shree Khandelwal Vaishya Hitkarini Sabha is a society having registration number 4 of 1946-1947 was registered under Societies Registration Act 1943, on 03.04.1947 at Jaipur and has promoted Shri Khandelwal Vaishya Educational Trust (SKVE Trust) duly registered vide Registration No. 2009052006850 dated 29.06.2009. The main objective of SKVE Trust is to develop and manage various social welfare causes such as establishment of institutions for educational, technical, scientific, cultural, literature and skill development etc. and also for hospitals, hostels, library, old age home and other allied activities for the benefits of our society without scarifying quality of services and facilities to be provided. SKVE Trust includes businesspersons, educationists, engineers, industrialists and socialists of our Khandelwal Samaj generously donating for the above nobel causes. The trust is dedicated to enrich the quality of higher education in the country and specifically for KVGIT. The promoting body after its journey of over 60 years is keen to contribute significantly in developing professional and technical education for the society.


Khandelwal Vaish Girls Institute of Technology

Vaishali Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Phone: +91 9829560956


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