bba college in jaipur

What is BBA?

Bachelor of business administration is a professional course for 3 years in which candidates get to learn the aspects of business administration. It helps in learning about how one can manage a business.

Bachelor of business administration is an undergraduate program, and a basic level of management studies, it helps a lot in learning the fundamentals of business management.

Students interested in business or entrepreneurship are more involved in this course especially in management colleges in Jaipur. even though students are liking management programs than in engineering. Because studying for 4 years and getting a limited remuneration in jobs is no more a useful thing.


Eligibility criteria for BBA:

BBA is one of the most useful degrees when it comes to placements. It is a good job provider degree program not only in India but abroad too. so many MNC’S provide jobs to business graduates.

To apply for the BBA program you have to complete your 12th which is senior secondary education with 48% in your final result. If you have completed then go ahead and apply for admission.

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Benefits of BBA

Understanding of business management deeply:

The degree of BBA or BBM provides knowledge in-depth about how business works. It also helps in identifying the most important sources for reaching company goals and objectives. And helps in focusing on those areas.

Probability of higher compensation:

With a degree of BBA, the chances of your good job opportunities increases and you can get a good package when it comes to money. BBA is a very good and beneficial sector in the field of Management and Education as a whole. In an environment where demand for professionals is increasing day to day for every industry. So this course is going to be broadly acknowledged and profitable for students.

Diversified degree:

As an undergraduate program, BBA is known to be a versatile course and it is also a multifunctional degree. because you can apply in any field after persuing your graduation. Syllabus of bachelors of business administration covers so many subjects such as banking, finance, accountancy, computer. This is why BBA is known as a useful and diversified degree.

BBA provides a simpler gateway to MBA:

The degree of BBA is beneficial for those who have plans for an MBA in the future. The syllabus of BBA is designed in such a way that it acts as a foundation of the MBA course. This helps an individual in diverse ways such as handling various operational activities in the field of commerce and administration, which is very important looking towards the present situation.

Subjects taught in BBA:

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Economics
  • Quantitative Techniques of Management
  • Human Resource of Management
  • Financial Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Accountancy
  • International Business
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business organization

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